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White Paper Tag

White Paper Tag

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Are you looking for basic and natural papertags, maybe for price tags? Or to decorate your Gifts, maybe to write the name of the gifts receiver? Whatever the occasion, these white tags can nearly go everywhere. Combine them with your own sticker, ribbons or tags, endless possibilities! The paper ropes are included, so you don't need to buy extra rope. Have fun being creative!

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43JC003K6 White Paper Tag LargeWhite Paper Tag Large
10,7x5,8 cm
100 st
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10,00 €

43JC002K6 White Paper Tag MediumWhite Paper Tag Medium
7,2x4,2 cm
100 st
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8,50 €

43JC001K6 White Paper Tag SmallWhite Paper Tag Small
2,2x3,8 cm
100 st.
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6,00 €

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