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Vlakke Zakken Tall Grid Almond

Vlakke Zakken Tall Grid Almond

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We are always happy that the designs we create digitally also turn out great in real live! Just like this tall grid design in Almond on these lovely flat bags. We think its a great addition to our collection and hope you like them too. At Kado Design we have many many packaging items, like stickers, ribbons, bags, tape, tags and much more in our collections, check them out too!

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Farbe Productkode Product Im Lager Zahl Preis: (Excl. MWSt)
13KA561219 Flabags Tall Grid AlmondFlabags Tall Grid Almond
12x19 cm - 250 pcs

17,50 €

13KA561725 Flat Bags Tall Grid AlmondFlat Bags Tall Grid - Almond
17x25 cm - 250 pcs
Bestellen Sie jetzt

22,50 €

13KA562331 Flatbags Tall Grid AlmondFlatbags Tall Grid - Almond
23x31 cm - 250 pcs

30,00 €

13KA55713 Vlakke Zakken Tall Grid AlmondVlakke Zakken Tall Grid Almond
7x13 cm - 250 stuks
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15,00 €

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