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Stickers eyes

Stickers eyes

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Waaaaa O_o, want to be funny? Want yo give your gift that special extra? With these funny and cute eye stickers thats a sure success! You can put them everywhere you want and a smile on your customers face is guaranteed! There is no limit to your imagination!! They come in 3 different sizes, so it fits your gift (or any other creation) perfect! Have fun and remember to always smile!

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39KD004 Stickers eyes largeStickers eyes large
25 mm - 200 pcs / 100 sets
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12,50 €

39KD003 Stickers eyes mediumStickers eyes medium
20 mm - 200 pcs / 100 sets

10,00 €

39KD002 Stickers eyes smallStickers eyes small
15 mm - 200 pcs / 100 sets
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7,50 €

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