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Shipping Bags Lovely Lemons

Shipping Bags Lovely Lemons

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Receiving goodies is a big treat with these lovely lemon shipping bags. This lovely lemon pattern is also available on wrapping paper and flatbags. The material of this shipping bag is very strong and made of recycled plastic. This shipping bag can be easily returned because of two adhesive stripes.

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27AT014 Shipping bags Lovely LemonsShipping bags Lovely Lemons
35x43,5+8 cm - 250 pcs

70,00 €

27AT015 Shipping bags Lovely LemonsShipping bags Lovely Lemons45x53,5+8 cm - 250 pcs Bestellen Sie jetzt

105,00 €

27AT013 Shipping Bags Lovely LemonsShipping Bags Lovely Lemons
25x33,5+8 cm - 250 pcs

60,00 €

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