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Paperbag White + Black Handle

Paperbag White + Black Handle

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Watashi wa kore ga suki desu, This is Japanese and stand for “I love it”, that is what we think when we see those beautiful bags, we love kraft, we love paperbags, and we hope you like those Japanese style paperbags as much as we do! Eco friendly feeling guaranteed. You can get them in 3 sizes: Large – 55,5x14x44+6 cm - 50 pcs. Medium – 45x14x36 cm - 100 pcs . Small – 35x14x25 cm - 100 pcs and are available in brown kraft or white!

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50HC008K6 Paperbag White + Black Handle LargePaperbag White + Black Handle Large, Japan Style
55,5x14x44 cm - 100 pcs
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95,00 €

50HC007K6 Paperbag White + Black Handle MediumPaperbag White + Black Handle Medium, Japan Style
45x14x36 cm - 100 pcs

90,00 €

50HC006K6 Paperbag White + Black Handle SmallPaperbag White + Black Handle Small, Japan Style
35x14x25 cm - 100 pcs

75,00 €

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