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Paperbag Wheat Straw

Paperbag Wheat Straw

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These paperbags are made of wheat straw, making them very sturdy and giving them an amazing organic look! Want to make them completely unique? Print your own logo on them! Send an email to for more information.

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50CY003 Paperbag Wheat Straw LargePaperbag Wheat Straw Large
32 x 12 x 41 cm - 100 pcs
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95,00 €

50CY002 Paperbag Wheat Straw MediumPaperbag Wheat Straw Medium
25 x 10 x 32 cm - 100 pcs
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85,00 €

50CY001 Paperbag Wheat Straw SmallPaperbag Wheat Straw
22x10x26 cm - 100 pcs
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75,00 €

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