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Blokbodem Zakken Kraft

Blokbodem Zakken Kraft

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A kraft blockbottom pouch, available in four convenient sizes. Easily wrap or protect your items with these, perfect for interior and gift shops! As a nice extra touch, the inside is white! Want to add your own logo? We can make it for you! For an inquiry you can send an email to!

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Farbe Productkode Product Im Lager Zahl Preis: (Excl. MWSt)
13SC052 Blokbodem Zakken Kraft Extra LargeBlokbodem Zakken Kraft Extra Large
36x15x51 cm - 50 pcs
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20,00 €

13SC051 Blokbodem Zakken Kraft LargeBlokbodem Zakken Kraft Large
27x12x36 cm - 50 pcs
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17,50 €

13SC050 Blokbodem Zakken Kraft MediumBlokbodem Zakken Kraft Medium
18x8x28 cm - 50 pcs
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15,00 €

13SC049 Blokbodem Zakken Kraft SmallBlokbodem Zakken Kraft Small
12x6x18 cm - 50 pcs
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12,50 €

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