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Geschenkpapier Grid / Cafe Latte

Geschenkpapier Grid / Cafe Latte

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How Lovely! These grid designs are brand new! And available in 3 beautiful colors. On the outside, it is a quiet and calm grid pattern. Very nice! And on the outside it has 3 different beautiful colors. Sea Blue or roze or Cafe Latte. Sea Blue for the boys, Roze for the Girls and Cafe Latte for both! With these flat bags, you will have a very quick gift wrapping. Isn't that wonderful? Close it with a TM Tinne+Mia sticker, and off you go! Happy faces guaranteed!

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10KA213K7 Geschenkpapier Grid / Cafe Latte 30 cmGeschenkpapier Grid / Cafe Latte
30 cm - 200 mtr
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55,00 €

10KA211K7 Geschenkpapier Grid / Cafe Latte 50 cmGeschenkpapier Grid / Cafe Latte
50 cm - 200 mtr

75,00 €

10KA212K7 Geschenkpapier Grid / Cafe Latte 70 cmGeschenkpapier Grid / Cafe Latte
70 cm - 200 mtr
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95,00 €

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