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Internet Shippingbags Triangle

Internet Shippingbags Triangle

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Where do you find such cute shipping bags? Of course at our webshop! These cute internet shipping bags with a small triangle design allover are perfect for sending all your orders. Choose from 3 sizes, each box has 250 pieces. The inside is black, so nobody can sneaky watch inside. Still looking for something else? No problem we have more choice, and we can also make them custom-made!

Zur Verfuegung sind die folgende designs/groesse

Farbe Productkode Product Im Lager Zahl Preis: (Excl. MWSt)
27OG005 Versandtüte Triangle Large 45x53+8 cm flapVersandtüte Triangle Large 
45x53+8 cm flap - 250 pcs

105,00 €

27OG004 Versandtüte Triangle Medium 35x43+8 cm flapVersandtüte Triangle Medium 
35x43+8 cm flap - 250 pcs

70,00 €

27OG003 Versandtüte Triangle Small 25x33+8 cm Versandtüte Triangle Small 
25x33+8 cm - 250 pcs

60,00 €

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