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Internet Shippingbags crossed

Internet Shippingbags crossed

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Is it a bag? Its a shipping bag? No, its both in one! Check out these awesome internet shipping bags with a cross pattern all over in black and white. And the most amazing thing about these handsome, they got a cut-out handle! So they can also be used as a normal bag! And the black inside keeps anybody from peeking inside!

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27OG013 Versandtüte crossed largeVersandtüte mit handgriff crossed Large
44x52,5+8 cm flap - 250 pcs
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105,00 €

27OG012 Versandtüte crossed mediumVersandtüte mit handgriff crossed medium
36x44,5+8 cm flap - 250 pcs
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80,00 €

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