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Geschenkpapier Waves Black

Geschenkpapier Waves Black

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Endless waves, endless possibilities, with this cool wave design you sure have the perfect base for a awesome gift! We always make sure that you will get the best quality papers, so check out the rest of our collection if your appetite for wrappings is not satisfied yet :) We also have this design on flatbags and ribbons. Have fun!

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10KA16430 Geschenk Papier Waves Black 30 cmGeschenkpapier Waves Black
30 cm - 200 mtr

45,00 €

10KA16450 Geschenkpapier Waves Black 50 cmGeschenkpapier Waves Black
50 cm - 200 mtr
Bestellen Sie jetzt

65,00 €

10KA16470 Geschenkpapier Waves Black 70 cmGeschenkpapier Waves Black
70 cm - 200 mtr
Bestellen Sie jetzt

85,00 €

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