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Flatbags Jojojanneke Uiltje Yellow

Flatbags Jojojanneke Uiltje Yellow

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We always enjoy working together with creative designers, and we really love the unique designs by Jojojanneke. This cute owl design is perfect to pack the gift for your little loved ones. This design is also available in grass! Or you prefer wrapping paper? We have wrapping paper with owls, red, rosa and blue.

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Farbe Productkode Product Im Lager Zahl Preis: (Excl. MWSt)
13KA023K19 Papiertüte Jojojanneke Uiltje Yellow 12x19 cmVlakke zakken Jojojanneke Uiltje
12x19 cm
250 stuks

8,75 € van 17,50 €

13KA015K19 Papiertüte Jojojanneke Uiltje Yellow 17x25 cmPapiertüte Jojojanneke Uiltje 17x25 cm 250 stuks Bestellen Sie jetzt

11,25 € van 22,50 €

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