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Flatbags ijsjes Eef Lillemor

Flatbags ijsjes Eef Lillemor

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We love the designs by Eef Lillemor, we couldn't resist to printed this super cute ice cream pattern in a soft mint color on our flatbags. Perfect for your smaller gift, or for a nice give away promotion. Don't forget to check out the rest of her collection, like stickers, wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, tags, and much more!

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13KA3282331 Flatbags ijsjes Eef LillemorFlatbags ijsjes eef Lillemor
23x31 cm - 150 pcs
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30,00 €

13KA3281219 Vlakke zakken icecream Eef LillemorVlakke zakken icecream Eef Lillemor
12x19 cm - 150 pcs
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17,50 €

13KA2381725 Vlakke zakken ijsjes Eef LillemorFlatbags icecream Eef Lillemor
17x25 cm - 150 pcs
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22,50 €

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