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Flachbeutel Grid / Cafe Latte

Flachbeutel Grid / Cafe Latte

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How Lovely! These grid designs are brand new! And available in 4 beautiful colors. On the outside, it is a quiet and calm grid pattern. Very nice! And on the outside it has 4 different beautiful colors. Sea Blue for the boys, Roze for the Girls and Cafe Latte and Black for both! With these flat bags, you will have a very quick gift wrapping. Isn't that wonderful? Close it with a TM Tinne+Mia sticker, and off you go! Happy faces guaranteed!

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13KA162K7 Flachbeutel Grid / Cafe Latte 12x19 cmFlachbeutel Grid / Cafe Latte
12x19 cm - 250 pcs
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17,50 €

13KA161K7 Flachbeutel Grid / Cafe Latte 17x25 cmFlachbeutel Grid / Cafe Latte 
17x25 cm - 250 pcs
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22,50 €

13KA160K7 Flachbeutel Grid / Cafe Latte 23x31,5 cmFlachbeutel Grid / Cafe Latte
23x31,5 cm - 250 pcs
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30,00 €

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