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Decoration with gluestripe

Decoration with gluestripe

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Fun and cute decoration items in the shape of animals, like a frog head, small mice, a sheep head and ladybug. The glue strip at the backside makes it easy to glue it every where you want. So make your gifts look even more fun with these cuties!

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Farbe Productkode Product Im Lager Zahl Preis: (Excl. MWSt)
38HA42150 KikkerhoofdKikkerhoofd hout met plakker
2.5 cm - 50 stuks
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12,50 €

39LA700142 LadybirdLadybird with glue patch
1,3 cm - 300 pcs

17,50 €

39LA14031 Ladybird 2cmLadybird
2cm - 150 pcs

15,00 €

38VD14052 SheepSheep with glue patch
50 pcs
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12,50 €

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