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Brievenbus Verzenddozen Kraft

Brievenbus Verzenddozen Kraft

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Internet or giftbox which is easy to fold and fits the dutch standard for going though the mailbox. Size = 30,5x25,7x2,4 cm. We sell them per 50 pcs per color. Nicely customized with stickers or tape with your logo. (we can do that to!) It is also posible to make a totally designed box for your own brand, but offcourse the quantities will be higher. This is possible from 1.000 pcs and up

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14DD006 Brievenbus Verzenddozen KraftBrievenbus Verzenddozen Kraft
30,5x25,7x2,4 cm
50 st.
Past door de brievenbus!
(let op! Nederlandse maten)
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