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Blokbodenbeutel Stripes Black

Blokbodenbeutel Stripes Black

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Looking for high quality Block bottom bags at a good price? Then you are the at right place. At Kado Design we have a variety of beautiful bags, perfect to packaging, tea, spices, cookies, and of course gifts and much more. Like these bags with a trendy neon orange color. The Diagonal stripes and color certainly attract attention! Also in Mint and Neon Orange!

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13SC001K9 Blokbodenbeutel Stripes Black 12,5x7,5x27 cmBlokbodenbeutel Stripes Black 
12,5x7,5x27 cm - 100 pcs

15,00 €

13SC002K9 Blokbodenbeutel Stripes Black 18x8x35 cmBlokbodenbeutel Stripes Black 
18x8x35 cm - 100 pcs

17,50 €

13SC003K9 Blokbodenbeutel Stripes Black 27x16x27 cmBlokbodenbeutel Stripes Black 
27x16x27 cm - 100 pcs

22,50 €

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