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Paperbag Holes

Paperbag Holes

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Wow, this is really an eye catcher! This kraft paperbag has a nice hole pattern allover which makes the bag really lovable and special! With this you surely stand out from the rest! We have 3 sizes and you will get 50 pcs per size.

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15JC204K24 Paperbag Holes Large Paperbag Holes Large 
32x15x32 cm - 50 pcs
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95,00 €

15JC203K24 Paperbag Holes MediumPaperbag Holes Medium
25x15x25 cm - 50 pcs
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90,00 €

15JC202K24 Paperbag Holes SmallPaperbag Holes Small
18x10x18 cm - 50 pcs
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85,00 €

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