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Papiertüte Double Layer Kraft

Papiertüte Double Layer Kraft

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Check out these awesome double layered bags. Made from a really strong paper quality! You can pimp this bag in so many ways! Just make it as you like it! For example, put a nice logo sticker on it, or maybe a stamp, custom made with your logo? These bags are available in 2 sizes, 58x22,5x38 cm and 37x13,5x24,5 cm. Packed by 100 pcs per color per size, in brown and white.

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50HC003K24 Papiertüte Double Layer Kraft MediumPaperbag Double Layer Kraft Medium
58x23x38 cm - 100 pcs

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50HC002K24 Papiertüte Double Layer Kraft SmallPapiertüte Double Layer Kraft Small
37x13,5x24,5 cm - 100 pcs

90,00 €

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